Unrivalled Coolness.
Ultimate Quietness.


Harness the Tower Fan's Mighty Power

Turbosilent X Technology ,
Maximum air velocity, 
 Minimum noise.

High-Torque DC Motor
Max Wind Speeds
Minimum noise

Supercharged by DREO's New DC Motor

Redesigned from the ground up for faster and steady performance while requiring less energy and noise.

Ultra Quiet

Digitally controlled impulses increase stability with frictionless performance.

Energy Efficient

More effective power to motion transfer helps minimize energy losses.

Longer Lifespan

Less friction and vibration prolongs the motor lifespan.

Indulge in
All-Around Freshness

Surround yourself with a widespread breeze using the 120° customizable ultra-wide oscillation.

Find Your 
Perfect Wind Level

Whether you desire a gentle breeze or a powerful gust, the 12 speed levels of our tower fan offer the perfect airflow for any preferences.

Dynamic Wind Modes
For All-around Comfort

Normal Mode

Choose from 12 different speeds.

Natural Mode

Fan alternates speed to mimic the natural breeze.

Sleep Mode

Fan speed decreases every 30 minutes.

Auto Mode

Fan speed adapts to the ambient temperature.

Smart Features.
Seamless Lifestyle.

Take convenience forward with the Dreo App and your loved smart assistant.

What People Say About This Fan

Honestly we were way over due for a new fan. I was skeptical about this one at first but went on a limb and bpought it. I love it. It is super quiet and powerful. The air flow is amazing and it can really put out across a room. It comes with a rote but we opted to download the app. You can preset features and settings so ours is programmed to come on at night at a specific time, speed andangel. Will most likely look into other products by this brand.Great purchase and would make an excellent gift.

Best Purchase!


I bought one fan for myself and one for my dad since our housedoesn't have AC. I don't understand how it's so powerful but it'samazing. Despite my headline, this fan is a great size and It fits well into any room - doesn't stick out like I feel other fans typically do. I especially love how I can control it from my phone because I a notorious for losing remotes.

I'm a huge fan lol

Emily Rose

This fan is awesome. If you need circulating air at night and you or your ner have trouble sleeping due to noise this thing is phenomenal. Super bons points because you can set it shut off ALL lights when it's dark so this thing is perfect for anyone who gets hot but needs it quiet and dark.

Super quiet.

Alison Colton

Easy to Install

1. Click two base halves together 
2. Fit the base onto the fan and secure by screwing the nut on 
3. Plug the power adapter into the power input