Conquer the Air. 
Champion Your Comfort.


Harness the Tower Fan's Mighty Power

Turbosilent X Technology, 
Maximum air velocity,
Minimum noise.

High-Torque DC Motor
Max Wind Speeds
Minimum noise

Supercharged by DREO's New DC Motor

Redesigned from the ground up for faster and steady performance while requiring less energy and noise.

Ultra Quiet

Digitally controlled impulses increase stability with frictionless performance.

Energy Efficient

More effective power to motion transfer helps minimize energy losses.

Longer Lifespan

Less friction and vibration prolongs the motor lifespan.

One Fan, Three Functions.


Air Circulator Fan

Moves the air consistently throughout the room, ideal to pair with air conditioners.

Oscillation Fan

Covers a larger area and provides airflow to different parts of the room.

Smart Fan

Control speeds, modes, oscillation angle, and more with the smart fan via DREO App for the best convenience.

Dynamic Wind Modes
For All-around Comfort

Normal Mode

Choose from 8 different speeds.

Natural Mode

Fan alternates speed to mimic the natural breeze.

Sleep Mode

Fan speed decreases every 30 minutes.

Auto Mode

Fan speed adapts to the ambient temperature.

Turbo Mode

Runs at the maximum speed, providing a significant boost in rapidly refreshing the environment.

Custom Mode

Let you create your own wind patterns according to temperature.

What People Say About This Fan

the fact that it oscillates vertically and horizontally is a really cool feature. I have complete voice control through alexa, plus the app on the phone is very useful. this is the best fan I ever bought, its really powerful for the size.

Just buy it


This is by far the BEST fan I have ever owned. It does not make any souund, I have it on while the family is over for dinner and everyone can speak/hear as normal. It moves the air around wonderfully and I will be buying 2more for the home.

Just buy it!


I was wanting a fan for my bedroom and this fan does amazinggly. I like that it has a remote for it and that I can control how how howhard it blows. I also like how it can turn the head from side to side, up and down to circulate the air ina room

Absolutely love it


Easy to Install

1. Click two base halves together 
2. Fit the base onto the fan and secure by screwing the nut on 
3. Plug the power adapter into the power input