Dreo Tower Fan with Remote 42 Inch Floor Fan with 120° Ultra Wide & Customizable Oscillation, Hyper Wind 12 Speeds & More Silent, 12H Timer, Bladeless Fans for Bedroom, Home & Office, DR-HTF004S Gold

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Marico Bloor
Simply fantastic!

For how powerful it is, the fan barely makes any noise! We couldn't have survived the 40° temperatures without it.

When I made the purchase, it was pricey but worthwhile; however, since then, the price has increased by more than £20, and I would argue that it is no longer worthwhile. Shame.

Armstrong Wilde
Strong and fluid with several speeds

This was purchased for a sitting room that opens up to a scorching conservatory during the heat wave. Works good and moves the air while oscillating. The two kitties adored it! There was a noticeable difference—it was worthwhile!

Vivian Quiller
Well crafted

Like it

Antonia Polly
tall & queit

This fan is really tall, but I don't mind because I think it looks great. The swivel action is quite smooth, and the craftsmanship is excellent. It seems solid. Although the fan is rather loud, it is typical for a tower fan and is basically simply white noise. The screen shuts off during the sleep mode, keeping the room dark. The remote is practical, and the timer is a great function. The main drawback is that the fan beeps loudly when you switch it on or click any of the buttons, but this is generally not a problem unless you're using the fan late at night or close to a baby who is sleeping.

Deirdre Isabel
simply a great fan

Even on the hottest days, this fan will move the muggy air, giving you some relief. It has several different modes, all of which are effective depending on your needs. The only drawback is the beeping sound that occurs each time you press the remote control or button to change the mode setting, but other than that, this is a great fan.