Dreo 40'' Evaporative Air Cooler

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nice supplement to AC

I got this as a supplement to the air conditioner in our house - for some reason, my son's room always gets pretty hot in direct sun, and we can't seem to adjust the AC to get his room cooler. Hence, the air cooler.
This is a pretty simple device - it assembles in just a few minutes, and the directions are easy to follow. As a fan, it works fine, and it's actually pretty powerful, but with the ice packs it does cool a room down noticeably in just a few minutes. I do think that this cooler will work a lot better in dry climates (or rooms) than in ones that are humid, given that it's evaporative - I just want to mention that because it probably won't work well in wet conditions.
Overall - I like this. It's pricey. Would I buy it again? Maybe. But it's a nice something to keep my son's room reasonable in the direct sun, so that's great.

Tina W.
Great product!!!

I am a very light sleeper, even the slightest sound can wake me up. This evaporative air cooler works very quietly. I never had a night in which I woke up due to its noise.
Coming at just 13.2 lbs, it’s not heavy at all. I can easily move it around my house. The design of this cooler is very sleek and unlike other air coolers which come in block shape, this one is in tower form factor. This ensures that it does not occupy a lot of area in my bedroom or any other place.
The touch panel offers a full range of motion including oscillation, humidifying, fan speed, and timer settings which makes the cooling more personalized to my liking. It’s also good to control the settings with the included remote. The remote can perform every function which touch panel can. Included on the remote is also the sleep setting which I can customize for my liking.

It rocks

I’ve been seeing these tower fans around awhile now but never tried it until now. I love it. It is lightweight and comfortable to take around while not occupying space. I use it in my studio right behind my computers so that it cools the systems. I can direct it so that I can get some if desired. Unlike the regular standing fans, this has a remote that makes life easier. It made of hard plastic but looks well made and very sturdy. Easy to setup. Activate the battery (provided) and you are good to go.

Bright R
Easy to use

Dreo Evaporative Air Cooler, 40Cooling Fan with 80° Oscillating, Humidifying, Removable Water Tank, Filter, Ice Packs, Remote Control, 3 Speeds, 7H Timer, Personal Swamp Cooler, White, DR-HEC001
Easy to operate. It is a lifesaver on a hot day.
*some notes*
-You can use it with or without water.
-two ice packs are included for cooler air
-it is quiet
-smooth oscillation
-has a remote control (you can have sound on/off)

Amber L. Comer
Totally worth the price in this heat

This fan is not only really great sized, but throws off really great coolness. I love that it mists and also cools down a really good sized room. It's worth the price for what I need.