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Norma Barrie
worked for precisely three years

Says it comes with the cookbook, however it didn't; aside from that, the item is decent.

Belinda Murray
The first time the unit worked flawlessly, then issues.

Literally garbage The screws all came loose. awful product

Cherry Joseph
In fewer than 6 months, the air fryer stopped heating.

I was hesitant to buy an air fryer, but I did so approximately five days ago and have been using it ever since. fantastic with one exception. Reviews have made reference to the nonstick coating falling off. It scrapes off rather than "flaking off." I prepared a full meal, with meatloaf, a baked potato, and mushrooms. Everything was set up such that, with the exception of the potatoes, everything would be hot for supper. I had to reheat them after I first prepared them. Anyway, while removing and re-inserting the basket, I scraped some of the coating from the pan's bottom and the basket's front lip. I don't mean to beat them around. They are merely slid in and out. The covering is really thin, so you must move very slowly and with great caution. So, let me ask you this: Would I buy this product again? I'm not sure. Is this the norm in the business? If that's the case, I'll probably avoid air fryers altogether. They function because of the coating. Without it, you trade a quick cooking time for a tedious cleanup process. I might send this one and the one I bought for a relative back after taking a closer look at some other brands. Dreo, what you did with this unit can be summed up as stepping over dollars in order to chase pennies. You worked fairly hard on this unit but skimped on the nonstick. What a slob you are.

Bart Juliana
Suitable exclusively for frying

I don't like the drawer, nor do I like that there isn't a shelf or other addition to give the drawer some height. No matter if I use it cleanly or not, I detest the stench. It makes as much noise as my vacuum, which I detest. My old airfryer, which is no longer manufactured, had a fantastic wire rack that transformed it into more of a grill. I suppose I'll need an air grill.

Bella Simon
The handle and basket separated.

This entirely died on November 9 after I bought it on September 11th. does not fully turn on will not accept the basket. The display dims and then goes off. Please avoid this awful essay and look elsewhere.